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December 16, 2021

We incorporated with the objective to offer cheap, affordable and quality modular kitchen systems and kitchen cabinet to meet the growing demands in the low-to-mid market segment.

Carpentry is not just one of the world's oldest occupations. Still, it's also one of the most fascinating and dynamic vocations, requiring a wide range of abilities. A lack of experienced local carpenters is a problem. Many young people nowadays have little appreciation for the centuries-old art and trade of furniture making. "Woodates Carpentry" has rescued the situation by bringing together people who are skillful with their hands but also enthusiastic about cabinetmaking and furniture construction.

"Woodates Carpentry" was formed to demonstrate their significant knowledge via their excellent craftsmanship to their customers. As you are all aware, carpentry plays a vital role in interior design, particularly in embellishing plain, everyday rooms. Our hands-on and practical designers, design directors, and carpenter with a few years of expertise in the manufacture of Kitchen cabinets in Singapore set us apart from our competition.

Kitchen Carpentry Singapore

Putting efforts into a kitchen makeover is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. The kitchen is undoubtedly an essential room in a home, so investing in a high-quality remodel will pay off in the long run.

With our excellent selection of cabinets and storage racks, you can turn the time you spend in the kitchen into something enjoyable. There is nothing we can't do for you, from corner units to built-in floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets to racks for bins or spices. We've got your kitchen carpentry Singapore project covered!

The open-plan kitchen is the heart of the contemporary house, where families can gather around the table to eat and socialize. Cooking dinner or preparing desserts is something everyone looks forward to. With our help, you can transform your kitchen into a room that you can enjoy in every way.

We Transform Your Kitchen Interior With Our Kitchen Carpentry Services!

We can provide you with great design and build the kitchen cabinets of your dreams. In addition to customizing cabinets to complement your kitchen's decor, we also provide various countertop options to meet your cooking and eating requirements.

To design your kitchen cabinets, we first decide on the appliances you'll have in the room, such as your stove, fridge, sink, etc. You must have access to critical services that must be apparent simultaneously. It's also not ideal to put your stove right next to your fridge, so you'll need to think carefully about the placement.

Carpentry works of the finest quality are available from us, from a kitchen cabinet that maximizes the cooking space and efficiency of retrieval to a contemporary kitchen island design that catches the eye.

We provide you with multiple kitchen carpentry products, including:

  • Kitchen Countertops

To prepare meals and provide a table area for electric equipment like coffeemakers and microwaves, kitchen countertops are a need. They may also be used as a bar top in contemporary kitchen design, becoming more fashionable. The bottom may be opened up for additional storage, or cupboards can be added in.

  • Kitchen Storage Cabinets

It's simple to improve the look and utility of your house with customized kitchen storage cabinets. When it comes to creating the style you want, there is a wide range of economical in-stock and custom cabinetry alternatives to choose from.

  • Custom Kitchen Island

The kitchen island benefits from becoming the 'heart' of your kitchen. It is maybe the center of attention where daily activities and social interactions occur. When designing a kitchen island, we care not to impede the route between the essential services. You can also opt for a kitchen island that may contain the stove.

What Factors Go into Determining the Cost of Custom-Built Kitchen Carpentry?

Several factors influence the cost of custom-built kitchen carpentry

  • The length of the cabinet's work is taken into account when quoting the project's price. In addition, the custom cabinets' height is also an important consideration.
  • Any carpentry that wants to give its finished products a fresh appearance relies on trim work. Trim work includes window frames, door frames, and skirting. It may also be used to modernize already-existing areas.
  • Materials significantly determine the cost of bespoke carpentry services. Using tropical hardwoods like balau, cengal, jati, meranti, resak, teak, etc. We also provided engineered wood such as laminate, particleboard, Melamine board, and plywood as a cheaper option.


We offer the highest quality product of furniture and quality service to become customer's first choice of customised furniture maker company.